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Governing Council

Shri S. Krishna Kumar
Shri. S. Krishna Kumar
Shri S. Krishna Kumar is a distinguished Engineer, Technocrat and Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officer turned Cabinet Minister. He has served for nine years as a Central Government Minister in India as MOS Defense, Agriculture, Petroleum and Non conventional energy. He has handled several important portfolios of the Central Government in India under Prime Ministers Shri Rajiv Gandhi and Shri P.V. Narasimha Rao. He served as the Chiarman of the Small Industries Development Corporation. Chairman Hindustan Latex (PSU) Govt of India. He had also a distinguished career for 17 years in the Indian Administrative Service heading several important Government departments and several Central and State Government Undertakings.

Recipient of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry National Award, 1973; NAYE (India) National Award for signal contribution to the Development of Small Scale Industries in the Country.

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Utkarsha Lokesh
Chairman of the Health Committee
Dr. Utkarsha Lokesh
Dr. Utkarsha Lokesh, MDS, DNB, is a renowned Maxillofacial Surgeon with a strong presence in the healthcare sector. He serves as the Chairman of the Health Committee at the UAE-Asia Arab Chamber of Commerce, demonstrating his commitment to healthcare. Dr. Lokesh is also a Joint Secretary of the Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of India and has held leadership positions, including Immediate Past President of the Indian Dental Association in Bangalore. As a Professor and Head of SR Dental College, Bangalore, he plays a crucial role in dental education. Dr. Lokesh's expertise lies in Facial cosmetics, Anti-aging treatments, Dental implants, and Hair Transplants.

HRH Princess Fay Jahan Ara
HRH Princess Fay Jahan Ara
Her Royal Highness Princess Fay Jahan Ara is a renowned public figure, noted for her contributions to business, philanthropy and women's rights. She is President - MENA region of the Latin American Caribbean Federation of India (LACFI).

Princess Fay Jahan Ara studied business and Art at UCLA, USA and at the Heidelberg University, Germany. She has been actively involved with major businesses in the MENA region and is President of the RACH Charity Foundation. In pursuit of her charitable objectives, the Princess travels extensively and works closely with a number of regional and global NGO's, community organizations, government agencies, educational institutions and healthcare providers. A global activity for woman's rights, she has been campaigning vigorously for female education and higher female participation in the workforce in developing countries. She also served as Goodwill Ambassador (2012-2014) of the International Federation of Business & Professional Women - BPW International.
Bahrain News Agency | SCW's Deputy President receives HRH Princess Fay Jahan Ara
Asif Iqbal
Secretary General
Mr. Asif Iqbal
Asif Iqbal is the Executive Director. He has led AACC's growth from its initial start-up until today. He has extensive transaction and operating experience including the completion of transactions with a value totalling over US $30 million worldwide. Asif helped develop the strategy of a "Global infrastructure Company" India Infrastructure Public Limited in Hong Kong and, pursuant to this strategy, originated a number of first-of-a-kind transactions that are now major areas of economic activity. He executed significant acquisitions of some of the largest utilities. Asif held several management positions with Martins SARL France, including responsibility for the company's environmental matters. Asif has been a director of both listed and private companies as well as member of a number of industry, academic and non-profit boards.

Responsible for maintaining pro bono relationships for the Chamber with various International Government representatives. He has previously headed the investment division of the India Infrastructure public Limited in Hong Kong. President of the Defense Technology Infrastructure Society and also the Executive Director of the Latin American Carribean Federation of India.
Saad Al Dabbagh
Joint Secretary
Saad Al Dabbagh
Saad Al Dabbagh is the Chairman of Al Hafeet Group. Hafeet Group is widely experienced in the Information Technology for Government, Education, Investment & Banking, Oil & Gas, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel & Tourism and Utilities. Hafeet Group is widely experienced in the construction Industry for Commercial and Residential buildings, High Rise Towers, Infrastructure works, Bridge works, Water & Sewerage Networks, Pumping Stations & Reservoirs, Sewerage Treatment Plants, Hospitals & University complexes.

Hafeet Group is a leading specialist recruitment consultancy to the construction and engineering industries in Qatar achieving successful candidate placements into career vacancies with local, national, and international clients. Hafeet Group is a service provider to the infrastructure expansion program in Qatar and emphasizes on Quality as the main objective for all its endeavors and gained confidence in full trust in the Industry for its commitment, achievement with high degree of professional approach with quality requirements.

Saad is A Performance driven professional, with over 25 years of expertise handling multi tasks with the Government bodies in the State of Qatar. Excellent relationship management, analytical and negotiation skills with deftness in swiftly ramping up any projects in co-ordination with leading business houses and corporations of the Mena region. An accomplished executive, investor, and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in Information Technology, Media, Communications, Trading and Contracting.

HRH Prince Alexander Von Ary
President - Economic Affairs Committee
HRH Prince Alexander von Ary
His Royal Highness Prince Alexander S. von Ary, President of Global Industrial Products (GIP) is a young & dynamic, Entrepreneur, Investor and philanthropist. He was educated in Germany, UK and United States. He founded Global Industrial Products in Chile and in Abu Dhabi, UAE. With a focus on Oil & Gas, Waste Water and Renewable Energy industries, GIP he has been successful in securing government projects within ADNOC and respective subsidiaries. In addition to his business initiatives he has co-established The RACH Charitable Trust Foundation in the UK and USA to help people in need to help themselves. Due to his extensive experiences and background he has been able to facilitate a unique & trusted platform for Multinational companies such as PPG to conduct business within these regions. In consequence, through his international business relationships he acts as a liaison between the East and the West as well as North and South.
Director - Netherlands
Mr. Harry bos
Mr. Harry bos is the Director of AACC and he is a graduate and has a degree from Netherlands school Harm Jacobus Bos (Harry Bos). Harm Jacobus Bos is an entrepreneur with excellent network in Europe business.

Harry is able to sketch current international trends from the perspective of a specific area or location in the world and make smart connections with The Netherlands and the nine areas of excellence in Dutch industry: Agri & Food & Food Safety, Chemistry, Creative industries, Energy, High Tech Systems and Materials, Life sciences & health, Logistics, Horticulture and source materials, Water.

Leading his team of professionals in specific business areas and skilled experts in research and marketing, crossmedia branding and multichannel communication closely linking with government, NGOs, businesses and research institutes and universities, Harry Bos has been asked as a compass and behavioral therapist, but also as a driver, communicator and connector.
Madhu Kiran
Director - Business Advocacy
Madhu Kiran
Madhu Kiran is the Director. He has been part of AACC’s inception team from the beginning. He is an accomplished corporate professional with over two decades of experience in India and ME. Madhu has been part of various community setups in ME and worked with Indian and Arab communities on business collaborations. He is an author, avid sports enthusiast and talks on business and leadership at different forums globally. Madhu has worked with CEOs and Boards on human capital and business strategy implementation and has successfully held managerial positions in companies like Wipro, Accenture, LG, Toyota and Saudi Telecom amongst others.

He is responsible for harnessing and maintaining relationships between various government agencies, businesses and chambers of commerce and guide the aspiring business houses to right audiences.
Kemal Yildirim
Director - Turkey
Dr. Kemal Yildirim
Dr. Kemal Yildirim is a professor of the European School of Law and Governance in Pristina Kosovo and is Head of Middle East studies centre of Turkey and is a great asset to the AACC. Having a Phd in Diplomatic practices in foreign policies of early islamic political realms.Associate Editor of the World Research Journal of Political Science in the USA. Publisher of many journals. Reviewer at the International Journal of Ecological Science and Environmental Engineering. Member of the Caribbean Academy of Sciences and who has published many scientific reports.

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Itimad Elmrani
Director - Morocco
Dr. Itimad Elmrani
Dr. Itimad Elmrani is the CEO of International Diplomacy Centre of Training and Consultancy and Director of Heat Creative Group with expertise in Business Consulting, Education and Media production. She has been a bridge in bringing foreign investors to different countries in the MENA region. A degree Holder of Humanities, and PhD in Public Diplomacy from England.

Throughtout her career, Itimad has expertise which include American Diplomacy in MENA, Women Empowerment in MENA, She is able to identify the key business drivers via a colloborative but challenging dialogue within a quality led framework. Itimad works very closely with the Middle Eastern Leadership and connects Asian Arab businesses in the most diplomatic and effective way.
Director - Egypt
Rim Siam
Rim, CEO of an international business company named "WEBB International Middle East Ltd", is an ambitious Egyptian business leader who graduated from Alexandria Business University. She is well-organized, proactive with non stop creative ideas. Siam serves on several organizations both locally and internationally with a wealth experience in international trade, marketing communication, youth empowerment, and mentoring and leadership.

- Rim was the first woman in the Middle East who received the "2009 Middle East Dynamic woman award" from out of the GW University School of Business DC.
- She also got The "2013 SENSES Arabian Entrepreneur Award"
- In December 2014, she was selected through & Lynn Syms prise , as one of the top 25 outstanding grassroots women and visionary voices using digital tools to effect change and advance of their communities works.
Thoraya Al Awadhi
Director - UAE
Ms. Thoraya Al Awadhi
Ms. Thoraya Alawadhi is a well-known business personality in the region, who pioneers entrepreneurship for women and helps international companies set up in the U.A.E. Her charms, dedication and vision, which she has committed to helping others, have made her the successful woman she is today.

A visionary from humble beginnings, she has overcome many challenges to reach where she is today. She has a gift with people, and is a humanitarian that has the ability to make people feel that they are part of the mission of making a difference in the world. She encourages people to follow their passions, and never lose sight of their goals, despite hardships along the way - a philosophy which she lives by.

An extraordinary woman that other people can look up to and emulate, she is a firm believer in the power of the individual to make a difference.

Ms. Thoraya Alawadhi studied at University of Southern California in the United States of America and graduated as Bachelor in History and married with 7 children.

Advisory Board

Sharief Habib Al Awadhi
AACC Director-Emirate of Fujeirah
Established in 1987 under government direction, Fujairah Free Zone Authority in the United Arab Emirates is committed to supporting the national economy through the strategic attraction of foreign investments. Headquartered in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates , the Agency capitalizes upon the region's geographical proximity to major shipping routes to attract international entrepreneurs and business enterprises seeking to penetrate the Middle Eastern marketplace.

As Director General of Fujairah Free Zone Authority, Mr. Sharief Habib Al Awadhi is responsible for turning vision and strategy into reality. He joined the Free Zone in the year 1991 and was promoted to the position of a Director General in the year 1996. He is instrumental in developing lucrative investment opportunities to bolster the national economy by increasing commerce and industry activities. Well honed leadership abilities enable him to appropriately delegate authority at the department level to ensure that all areas of activity comply with the Authority's established policies and directives while working towards a common goal. Looking forward, Mr Al Awadhi will continue with Fujairah Free Zone Authority to dedicate his efforts to supporting the country's economic vitality and competitive strength.
Polayil Joseph Thomas
Head - Corporate Governance & Regulatory Affairs
Polayil Joseph Thomas is an 1973 batch Indian Administrative Service officer from Kerala cadre. He was appointed as the 14th Chief Vigilance Commissioner of India.
As an IAS officer, Thomas has held important assignments in Kerala as the Chief Electoral Officer of the state, and as Secretary in Finance, Industry, Agriculture, Law and Justice and Human Resource Development Departments. As the chief electoral officer, Thomas was instrumental in introducing electronic voting machine in all stages of election. He was the founder director of the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode.[6] He became the Kerala Chief Secretary in 2007 and moved to the central government as Secretary in the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs in January, 2009. Later he went on to become the Telecom Secretary.
The 3G Spectrum auction happened when Thomas was the Telecom Secretary and helped the government earn a revenue two times than what analysts predicted. The 3G and broadband spectrums jointly fetched 106,000 crore Indian rupees for the government against its estimates of 35,000 crore. The success of 3G Spectrum was a big boost to the government, when it was bearing the brunt from 2G Spectrum scam, the auction for which happened before Thomas assumed the office of Telecom Secretary. While in Telecom, Thomas opposition to Devas deal was decisive for the government. Thomas had stressed that the spectrum planned by the Department of Space is crucial to meeting the strategic requirements of nation and hence it should not be frittered away by giving it to private parties and that too not without following the process of auction to maximise the government revenue.[7] In September 2010, Mr. Thomas succeeded Pratyush Sinha, a 1969-batch IAS officer of Bihar cadre, as the CVC.
Sudhir Chandra
Sudhir Chandra
Director - Direct Taxes Committee
Sudhir Chandra, the no non-sense officer in North Block who as Member, Investigation in CBDT brought hopes to thousands of IRS officers by demonstrating that an IRS officer was no less than an IAS. Sudhir Chandra was appointed as the chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes and he also rued the misconception in the minds of the common man who considered tax consultants who helped MNC"s get away without paying any tax as heroes and the tax commissioners who try to stop them as villains. He pointed out that the common man ignored the fact that every time someone walks away without paying billions of rupees of tax, the tax burden has to be picked up by the poor and middle class.

As an example of the department's fair stance in cases of genuine global mergers, Sudhir Chandra cited the example of Unilever which globally acquired the holding companies Brooke Bond and Lipton. Though the ownership of Brook Bond India and Lipton India changed hands, the Indian income tax authorities did not raise a murmur or contemplate "Lifting the Corporate Veil" because it was a genuine global merger.

Sudhir Chandra was candid that retrospective amendments were, in general, unjust and inequitable. However, this was a rare case he said and added that Parliament had no choice but to amend the law with retrospective effect. He said this was a "step in the right direction" and that a "clear message was sent that anyone who wants to do business in India but does not want to pay tax in India is not welcome".

Shri. Premchand
Shri. Premchand
Head - Defense Division
Former Additional Director General, Navy, Ministry of Defense, responsible for Information Infrastructure, ICT Security, Information Warfare Program, development of Real Time Decision Support Systems and Combat Systems for the Navy. Corporate Head, Vice President and Chief Strategist at Tech Mahindra from August 2000 to March 2011, responsible for many business portfolios including Defense, Aerospace & Home Land Security business head from May 2008 to Mar 2011.

Currently Founder Director & Chief Executive Officer Designate of PARAKRAM, a national scale Defense & Aerospace Industrial Corridor initiative under nucleation, Executive Director, Ripples HLS Group UK, Executive Director, Enertech Engineering Ltd Hyderabad, Distinguished Fellow with Center for Air Power Studies, Ministry of Defense, and visiting Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India.

Has been Member, Prime Minister's National Task Force on IT & Software Development, Chairman, World Tele Management Forum's (TMF) Security Committee, Member, Advisory Board, Information Systems Audit & Control Association (ISACA), Member, Member NASSCOM National Advisory Board on Security & Assurance, Member, Board of Mentors, Regional Security Institute., Member, Executive Committee, Asia Pacific Telecommunication Council, Member, National Research, Design & Development Working Group on IT and Member CII National Defense Council. Ability to conceptualize technologically and operationally complex and large Defense System of Systems programs and their technology assessment, forecasting and nucleation.

Author Authored, Program Complexities of India's National Information Infrastructure and Information Warfare Program for the Year 2000 and Beyond, 10 Volume work (Restricted)", "Building India a Destination for Secure Software Development". "New Wave Multi Billion Opportunity for IT Industry", "Building Non-Nuclear Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP), High Power Microwave (HPM) and High Energy Laser (HEL) weapons as core of Information Warfare (IW) deterrence for 21st century India", "Building A Standards Driven Security Framework for New Generation Operations Software and Systems (NGOSS) for Telecommunications Industry" and, "National Framework and Road Map for Development of Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) Capability for India", and more than 80 research papers. Speaker at numerous national & international conferences.
Ameer Ahamed
Ameer Ahamed Manappat
Director - Gulf Committee
Ameer Ahamed is the Director - Gulf Committee, A Socially committed ethical Business Professional and Philanthropist with Vision to set goals and achieve targets. In 1979, he has started his career as an Executive Trainee with KSIDC, Trivandrum, deputed to set up a Joint Venture Company of KSIDC and private entrepreneur; set it up successfully in record time and returned to KSIDC in 1983. From 1984 onwards with Teejan Group of Companies, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Brought up the Company from a 12 member company to current strength of more then 1400 employees.

He is the Chairman & Managing Director of "Manappat Group of Companies" overseeing the business interests of the Group in Oman, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and in India.

His Strengths and Expertise are Strategic Planning, Business Process Re-engineering, Vision Expertise Mapping, Ethical Business Practices, C.S.R, Joint Venture Formation & Facilitations. Creating rapid growth in startups and entrepreneurial companies, financial management and capitalization of capital growth phases, building R&D to full commercialization, building staff and designing operational systems to control growth.
Usha Krishna Kumar
Usha Krishna Kumar
President - Womens Committee
Usha Krisha Kumar is the President of the Womens Committee of the Organisation. An enterprising individual who advocates womans issues and contributes to the welfare of women. She is the President of the All India Nurses Welfare Association and the Chairperson of the National Council of Indian Consumer Organisation. She also heads the All India Ration Dealers Association and is the working president of the Indo-Russian Women's Association.

She is a strategic political analyst and has served in the Indian National Congress holding very important assignments like the General Secretary of the All India Mahila Congress from 1992-2004 and Incharge of various states as an Election observer during Elections. She actively campaigned for Lok Sabha in New Delhi and Kerala. An executive Committee Member of the World Federation of United Nations Association and Member of the International Women's Organisation.

Member of the Good Mission of the Indian Federation of United Nations Associations to China, Hong Kong and Singapore in 1987. Attended the 31st World Plenary Assembly of World United Nations Associations held in Ottawa, Canada in 1987. Attended the Women and World Peace Conference held in Tashkent, April 1989. Was a part of the delegation that attended Asia Pacific Regional Conference of United Nations Associations held in Tokyo in November 1990. Represented AICC for 'Women in Politics' held in Manila in June 1994. Attended the 4th World Conference on Women held in Beijing in September 1995. Recipient of Mahila Shiromani Award (Presented by Mother Teresa) on November 28th 1992 at Kolkata. Conferred International Women's Award by NRI Institute, New Delhi on December 1993.

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Kulsum Shadab Wahab
Kulsum Shadab Wahab
Director (Riyadh - KSA)
Kulsum Shadab Wahab is the CEO of the Wahab Group of Companies, a name associated with Mining Industry in Karnataka and various diversified businesses in the State. They follow high-quality, systematic & scientific standards to protect the environment and conserve nature. They continuously strive to improve landscaping by planting and nurturing trees and thus adhere to the eco-friendly and sustainable mining methods. The Wahab Group of Companies always believes in "Giving Back to the Society" has consciously on its own, embraced itself with the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). She has been an active corporate director promoting with various companies in Saudi Arabia and building business relationships with Indian partners. Opportunities available in Saudi Arabia
Chava Hanumantha Rao
Director - Law & Justice Committee
A senior Supreme Court Advocate who was one of the leading Senior Standing Counsel for the Central Government. Has been a successful Advocate winning disputes in reported decisions especially in the Urbal Land Ceiling Act, Land Acquisitions and International Arbitrations. He is the President for International peace, harmony and Friendship. He is engaged in exercises and simulations based on case studies of leading International financial disputes. He has developed excellent methods to implement effective and ethical advocacy skills and techniques for international arbitration. He has provided guidance for various foreign companies entering into india in dispute resolution skills for international arbitration.
Manohar Nichani
Manohar Nichani
Director - Economic Affairs Committee
Manohar Nichani is the Director - Economic Affairs Committee of AACC, he has over 40 years of management and leadership experience in multiple business sectors, including natural materials, energy, healthcare, education, real estate, information technology, and finance. Over 20 years as an entrepreneur promoting commerce and providing business strategies to mid-and large-sized businesses.

He Served as a consultant to the Karnataka State government, advising them in the areas of infrastructure development and urban growth.

Professional Experience:
CEO, M Nichani Group, Bangalore, India January 1995 –Present, an international - based company promoting trade and commerce in various business verticals. Chairman, Granite Association – Chaired a Karnataka-based organization focusing on the promotion of granite on an international scale. Chairman, Energy Consortium – a consortium of Indian-based energy professionals promoting sustainable energy in India, where fossil-fuel based energy usage is at an all-time high. Director, Karnataka State, WHOInitiative– Leadinga consortium of healthcare professionals whose sole purpose is to bring quality, affordable and sustainable healthcare to the less fortunate in India. Member – Rotary International, promoting social welfare projects, specifically involving women and destitute children. Member and Advisor – Pride of India Award in the United States.
Mathai George Nooranal
Chairman - Committee for Development of International Projects (MENA Region)
Mathai George Nooranal is a practicing Chartered Accountant. His firm, M.George & Associates provides the best-in-class, realistic solutions for his clients comprising of both Indian and foreign corporations.

The new economy demands new business models and tools, as well as new approaches to doing business. Corporations are seeking innovation and speed to capture market opportunities and meet new challenges.

Through his firm, Mathai brings to his clients new ideas, new business models, and a new perspective. In doing so, he supports the transition by actually facilitating the implementation of the solutions. His expertise in the Indian and International Tax systems provides clients with practical solutions to the hurdles faced by multinational corporations.

Hailing from a family of Chartered Accountants with both his parents practicing as Chartered Accountants in Calicut, Kerala, Mathai also had decided to start his own practice after five years in industry as varied as IT and Logistics.
N.K Goyal
Prof. N.K Goyal
Director - Telecom Committee
Mr. N. K. Goyal is a senior Telecom Professional with 43 years of experience in Telecom/IT.
- President CMAI Association of India, Chairman Emeritus TEMA 
- Member Governing Council Telecom Equipment & Services Export Promotion Council, Govt. of India
- Vice Chairman, ITU APT India, Adviser Gujarat Technological University
- Chairman India Trade Promotion Services, Dubai UAE,  
- Director NFL National Fertilizers Ltd, Govt. of India
- Chairman Emeritus of Telecom Equipments Manufacturers Association of India (TEMA)
- President Cyber Security Association of India(CSAI) and is actively involved in policy formulations and development of industrial policies especially related to telecom, mobile, cyber security.  He is Member Governing Council, Government of India, Telecom Equipment & Services Export Promotion Council to promote exports under Ministry of Commerce and Industries.

Former Director of National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD) having served Government of Himachal Pradesh PSUs for 21 years plus including seven years as General Manager of State Electronic Development Corporation Ltd.
He is Government appointed Director on the Board of Directors of National Fertilizers Ltd, Govt of India PSU
Dr.Vinod Jain
Chairman - Health Commission
Dr.Vinod Jain has completed his MBBS in the year 1987 from MGM medical College, Indore. Further chosen his specialisation in the Gynecology and did the same from KMC, Manipal in the year 1995. He obtained a Gold medal for Obstetrics and Gynecology and won the best outgoing student award at KMC, Manipal. Numerous papers have been presented at national and international conferences by him.

In Dr. Vinod Jain was the first in India to start intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), which is called Test Tube Baby, in the year 1999. Bringing the first HD laparoscopic unit to central India in 2010 and the 3D laparoscopic unit in 2013.

Brought Regenerative Medicine to India in the year 2015, treating patient with autologous stromal cell with minimal manipulation in single surgical sitting. Also he forerunners to bring the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to Central India in year 2021. He is also closely associated with various successful startups.
Kumkum Chadha
Director - Media Committee
A journalist for 3 decades with Hindustan Times. Member of the Programme Advisory Committee- Doordarshan India where she ensures programs relating to women and children have meaningful content and emphasis. Author of Book "INDIAN PRISONS" and member on the committee constituted by the Government of India on conditions of women prisoners. As Special correspondent in the Political Bureau she was handling key Ministries including Human Resource Development and Health and Family Welfare. Been covering the Indian Parliament for several years.

Conferred the NATIONAL MEDIA AWARD 1991

As a chief reporter she can balance conflicting views, lend objectively to subjective and passionate viewpoints and sift out content from verbosity.Has the Distinction of accompanying two Prime Ministers on Commonwealth Summit. Founder Member of INDIAN WOMENS PRESS CORPS, the only professional body of women journalists in India.  Currently the political columnist for the Hindustan Times, She is the Delhi correspondent for the INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS BANGLADESH EDITION.
Authored there books:
Naushad Thottumkara
Joint Director - Media Committee
Naushad Thottumkara is a popular media person in Kerala, India. He is the Managing Director of Malayali Global TV, Malayalam channel and Chairman of Fabius Group of Companies located in Trivandrum District. Mr. Naushad who has superb influencing skills and the ability to come up with great marketing ideas.

Over the past ten years Mr. Naushad has successfully piloted the diversified activities of Fabius Group of Companies with its range of services which include Medical Manufacturing, Retail Trade, Organic Fabrics, Scanning Centres etc. His service experience in Govt. / Non Govt. Sector are :
1985 - Public works dept. Government of Kerala.
1990 - Canal officer in Irrigation dept. Alleppy, Govt. of Kerala.
2008 - National Human rights committee, TVM Dist. President
2010 - Fabius Formulations Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director.
2011 - Grand Kerala Broad casting Ltd. Managing Director
Anuradha Reddy
Dr. M. Anuradha Reddy
Director - Health Committee
Dr. M. Anuradha Reddy is a Nutritionist, Social Activist and the Chairperson of the Diabetes Foundation of India. She is the President of the Village Wellness Awareness Movement and also Vice President of Continental Hospitals, Hyderabad. She has represented India in International Food Expo consecutively for 4 years. She has served on the Health consulting boards of the British and Canadian High Commissions, New Delhi and as consultant to International Health, Montreal. Served at the AIIMS Hospital, New Delhi and at the National Heart Institute of the All India Heart Foundation, Delhi. She has served on the Advisory board of several national and international organisations like California Prune Board, Tetrapak etc. She wont the National Indo NRI Award for the year 2012 and the India National Polioplus Committee of Rotary International Award. She was awarded for Exemplary Meritorious Service Award in the year 2010 on Republic Day. She was conferred with the Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International and the Arch Klumph Fellow of Rotary International for better understanding. She was awarded several prizes at the national and international level for doing work for the underprivileged and for various therapeutic diets.

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