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About AACC

The Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce Means Business opportunities.

In order for businesses to thrive in today’s market, it is essential to have a strong advocate on your side.  The Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization dedicated to actively supporting its members as well as providing unique and valuable business solutions to ensure these businesses grow and prosper. The following pages outline just some of the invaluable services the Chamber offers as we continue to introduce new member benefits and activities of interest.

The Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce builds economic bridges by promoting and empowering the business community it serves on a local, national and international level.  Asian Arab business entities are highly visible, culturally, economically and politically.  Large business ownership, various community organizations and active political participation at the local, state, and federal levels are all testimony to the power and development of Asian Arabs today.

In 2008 a core group of Asian Arab business individuals charted a bold new course that laid the groundwork for what is now the largest Asian Arab business organization in the country.  Through the years, the Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce has seen its mission and role continuously evolve with the needs of Asian Arab  businesses and the community at large.  Buoyed by the vision and leadership of the Chamber, the Asian Arab business community has become one of the most economically and culturally affluent communities in India and the Arab world.

Domestically, The Chamber is committed to strengthening its members by offering valuable networking opportunities as well as other programs, events and seminars to promote member businesses.  Internationally, the Chamber has made tremendous strides by fostering trade between Arab-based companies and businesses located in the Middle East and Asian region.  The Chamber provides international referrals, sponsorship of delegations and trade missions and resource information regarding the Asian and the Arab business market.

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