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Services :: Consultations in Public Procurement

Providing courses and consultancy on state procurement and training specialists for the small and medium businesses

Department Training for Business and Public Procurement
  • Ensuring profile legal document regulatory materials and the provisioning of information and consultancy services in the field of state procurement
  • Based on the permanent monitoring of legislative changes in the area of public procurement and new acquisitions of legal documents to propose the updating of methodological framework for the bidding procedure
  • Organization of training courses and advanced training in the field of public procurement
  • Methodological assistance to the chamber in the organization of public procurement and procurement procedures
  • Preparation of conferences, round tables and seminars, training on international standards with international organizations in order to harmonize national rules and procedures for public procurement
  • Providing consulting and organizing services related to public procurement
  • Provide methodological assistance and training and education for business on specific programs and courses
  • Organization of seminars, round tables and training on the use of resource support for the small businesses in cooperation with the relative international organizations and mission's economic institutions

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