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Services :: Information Services

Information Department
  • Address information
    Name of entity, address, phone and fax numbers; main products/services. Requisites for search: company name, product/service.
  • Reference about company
    Name of entity, address, phone and fax numbers; managerial staff; representations; sales/turnover, number of employees, range of products/services. Requisites for search: company name, activity, product/service.
  • Company Business-reference
    Name of entity, address, phone and fax numbers; year of establishing; managerial staff; structure, subsidiaries, affiliates, representations; main rates of activity -volume of production, sales, profits, number of employees etc.; ratios - paying ability, efficiency, profitability; range of products/services. Requisites for search: company name, activity, product/service.
  • Subject reference
    Brief information on the particular inquiry concerning the wide range of a business information: statistical, economical, financial data and indexes.
  • Consulting analytic reference
    Reference in different business, commercial, foreign economic, legislative, protocol matters, which requires professional knowledge, special subject analysis.
  • Price reference
    World, local, retail/wholesale, reference, indicative etc. prices on raw materials, equipment, products and articles from AACC' information sources.
  • Analysis, price's monitoring, estimation of property cost
    The analysis, price's monitoring of production/goods, services. Cost definition or an estimation of property: complete property complexes; real estate, equipments, objects of not finished manufacture, confiscated property, insurance objects.
  • Reference about import/export regulation
    Custom duties, excise-duties, VAT, licensing, quotation, certification, ecological control and other export/import regulating norms by HS (Custom) codes.
  • Direct marketing, information monitoring, market research
    Arranging and conducting of marketing research; monitoring of markets, branches, product groups, particular product/service.
  • Report on adjustment of exported/imported products from/to Asian-Arab according to one product/custom code of the Asian-Arab classification of commodities of foreign economic activity
    Report includes information on common questions, requirements and regulation for supplying Asian-Arab products to ARAB, custom tariffs, taxation, rules of origin, safety regulation, official control and hygiene (e.g. for foodstuff products), certification, technical requirement and specific requirements etc.
  • Placing of business offers/inquiries on a web-site AACC's «Business opportunity»
    Placing of business offers/inquiries according to the application of the customer in the AACC's «Business opportunity» database.
  • Transfer of the business offer/inquiry
    Search of business offers/inquiries in the AACC's Business opportunity database and special issues according to customer requirements with further transfer to the customer.
  • Concurrent publication of customer's offer/inquiry in Asian-Arab business editions
    Concurrent publication of customer's offer/inquiry in main Asian-Arab business editions.
  • Direct mail
    Dispatch of customer's particular standard business offer/inquiry to the previously selected Asian-Arab potential partners with the purpose of business projects realization. Transfer to the customer of the direct mail list in order to establish direct contacts between them.
  • Information about business events
    General information (name, date, subjects, contact details of organizers) on business external/internal economic measures: exhibitions, fairs, symposiums, seminars, conferences taking place in Asian-Arab.
  • Special selection of business information materials (without translation)
    Search, selection, making out copies of information materials from AACC' information resources according to the customer needs.

  • Services are rendered upon receipt of the customers guarantee inquiry.
  • Minimum order for any service is USD 30.
  • Service are rendered in standard, urgent and express conditions with the respective rate 1; 1,5; 2.
  • Payment for a service may be made by bank transfer, by check or by cash to the bookkeeping of the Asian-Arab Chamber of Commerce.
  • Orders are being given to customers against presenting of the payment document.

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